by Jérôme & Alizée


We are a French couple creating furniture which is made to last for a lifetime.  Each piece is alive, it changes with age, and any new marks illustrate the passage of our lives.  They tell stories and create memories.


The majority of our work is custom-made furniture for residential, commercial or retail settings. 


We like to have a special connection with our clients from the beginning to the end.  Indeed, to get to the perfect design we need to know a bit about their lives, the places they love, and their passions. 


We usually offer a visit to their home or premises, to get the best idea of the interior and any existing pieces.  We are passionate about our work, and are perfectionists with all our commissions.  Without wishing to intrude on our clients, we find we achieve their goals and ours when we understand their style and the setting.

Our story...

The project, JD & A was born out of a meeting. Jérôme, after spending two years in New Zealand, decided to buy, with his family, a farm in Murchison. And his parents also opened up a bakery. Alizée, who was travelling around the country, arrived here to work as a patisserie chef. It wasn’t long before the two young French people realised they had much in common, most notably their sense of creativity and their curiosity for pretty much everything...Read more