our story...

   The project, JD & A was born out of a meeting. Jérôme, after spending two years in New Zealand, decided to buy, with his family, a farm in Murchison. And his parents also opened up a bakery. Alizée, who was travelling around the country, arrived here to work as a patisserie chef. It wasn’t long before the two young French people realised they had much in common, most notably their sense of creativity and their curiosity for pretty much everything.


   Jérôme had already had the idea of building a furniture design business, which stemmed from having helped his brother in France over the winter (NIKO Design Furniture). This reinforced his dream. His partner wanted to work by his side and so it was decided, quite naturally that they would launch the business together.

   Each person has his own particular position but always coming from an artistic standpoint. Indeed for his part, he was coming as an engineer and then photographer and on his arrival in Christchurch, he was helping with the reconstruction after the earthquake. Alizée, as soon as she had done her school of style, passed her diploma of couture and finally then became a pastry chef. Jérôme, knowing already, he shared his knowledge with his partner and in this fashion the two brought together their diverse qualities, bringing to birth the business, JD & A.

   The workshop is a true area of play in which creativity expresses itself through the manipulation of materials and experimentation. The history of the realisation of the business of creations is a reflection of a genuine passion, for material, but also for the commitment to true good work. A functionality is synonymous with the knowledge, artisanal production, durability and entirely New Zealand made.